Monday, June 23, 2008

Genetics campaigners support rally

It might not be the most obvious connection to most people, but campaigners against genetically modified crops are also part of the movement against climate change. As Gene Ethics put it in a letter to the organisers of the climate emergency rally:

"Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops are not a safe or sustainable solution to the problems of global climate change and drought. GM crops make our farms even more dependent on declining oil resources that create greenhouse gases. Chemical-free and GM-free organic farming systems will feed, clothe and house everyone."

We are happy to be supported by Gene Ethics and MADGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering).


Stuart said...

Oh for god's sake! Please stay focussed on climate change and keep the neurotic and ill informed fear campaigns about GM out of it! All you do is drive intelligent people away from your rally. You must keep an open mind - GM is just one of many technologies that could be put to good improving the world use if appropriately managed. It is not back and white.

armour said...

It is black and white. Companies like Monsanto are focused on taking over seeds and controlling world food supply. There is a lot more engineering going on and it ain't just about organisms. Information that should be out there is not reported in the mainstream media. All the facts about GM should be revealed before Australia makes a decision about this. Consumers have a choice.

Ben Courtice said...

Some genetic engineering projects are designed to make crops tolerant of pesticides. This makes it easier to kill weeds around the crop, but apart from any worries about human health this approach does increase reliance on chemical pesticides which are fossil-fuel derived in many instances. I'm open minded about GE as an experimental science that can be tried but much less so about an agricultural technique.

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