Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mothers Unite to Clean Up Our Climate!

12:15-12.45pm Sunday 11 May 2008, Federation Square
(immediately following the Mother's Day Classic)

This year, tell our leaders what you really want..(besides chocolate & breakfast in bed!)

For today's and tomorrow's children to enjoy the same safe climate that we all grew up in

You don't need to be a mother to join us, it's enough to have had one. So gather your mother, other people's mothers, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and join us for a big group photograph to tell our leaders to

"Clean up our climate - for our young people's sake!"

For greater effect bring along a photo of a young person to hold up.

Brigitte Duclos, co-host of Mix 101.1FM's breakfast radio program, Two Women & A Metro, will host and keynote speakers will join us to voice their concerns about the impacts of climate change on future generations.

Proudly supported by The Victorian Women's Trust, Environment Victoria, Federation Square, Greenpeace and Sids and Kids Victoria


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