Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thankyou and final appeal for donations

This letter has been sent to supporters of the event on 4/8/2008.

Dear friends,

On behalf of the organising committee for the July 5 "Climate Emergency" rally and human sign event, I am writing to thank you for your support.

 We had a successful rally with over 4000 attendees, great speakers, and good coverage on all TV news channels, and even on the news in New Zealand! The human sign benefited from the near-perfect weather and looked great in the photos.

 We held a short debrief meeting for the organisers on July 24, at which we viewed a slideshow of photos of the day (available from our website,, finalised the finances of the day , and discussed future plans for climate change protests and public events. From that meeting, I have two items to inform you of and request further support on.

 The relates to our budget. We have paid for printing, PA, aerial photography and public liability insurance out of loans by two members of the organising committee and donations received to date, but after all donations have been received we are still $800 short to repay the two organisers their loans.

 We are asking supporting groups to help us make up this amount by either donating some money, or helping us sell photo prints of the rally and sign.

 A number of endorsing groups and individuals have made donations to the rally (ranging from $30 to $250), and we collected over $1200 at the rally itself. We would ask you to consider, if you have not already done so, sending a small donation. (It need not be a large amount if everyone chips in – there were over 60 endorsing organisations!).

If you have already made a donation, or are unable to do so, we are selling photo prints from the rally (especially the aerial photographs!). It would be good if you could forward to group members, or anyone you know who might be interested, the information for buying prints. The prices and information follow, and are available from our website, as are the pictures to choose from for printing. Have a look if you haven't done so already!

 We have resolved that if any money is left over after all costs are paid, it will be donated to future climate events. On that note, the second item of which to inform you from the debriefing meeting was that we discussed a call to action for a national week of climate protests around the week of  the Spring Equinox (beginning September 21). This call is available online  and we are holding an initial meeting this Thursday 6:30PM to begin organising in Melbourne.

 Again, thank you for your support and we hope you will continue to work together with all of us until climate change is addressed seriously by government and all levels of society!

 Ben Courtice

For the climate emergency rally organising committee

* * *


We have arranged to get high-resolution prints of the photos from the rally which would be suitable for framing. The money we get from sale of these photos will help to cover the outstanding costs of organising the rally (any left over will be donated to similar events in the future).

To order photo prints of the human sign (or rally), view the images and send an email to with the number and caption of the photo(s) you want, as well as the size below. Include your contact details so we can arrange payment and delivery.

Price list

Matte Gloss
6"x4" (15cmx10cm) $4 not available
5"x7"(13cm x 18cm) $5 not available
8"x12" (20cmx30cm) $10 $10
11"x16" (28cmx40cm) $15 $15
12"x18" (30cmx45cm) $20 $20
16"X24" (40cmx60cm) $25 $25
20"x30" (50cmx75cm) $30 $30

Volume Discounts available.



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