Saturday, May 17, 2008

Climate Emergency Network General Meeting

Sunday May 25: 11.45am to 5 pm (incl. lunch break)
Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St Abbotsford. Melways 44 G5

The Climate Emergency Network (CEN) is a not-for-profit, non-politically-aligned network of community organisations that are campaigning for all governments to recognise and declare a state of climate and sustainability emergency in order to ensure we have a safe climate future for all people, all species, and all generations.

The network aims to bring together the many Climate Action Groups and community organisations across the nation to work strategically together towards this goal.

The network has been established only 3 months and has over 70 members in Victoria, representing many existing Climate Action Groups. We welcome new people and groups to join the network.

The Climate Emergency Network Charter is attached.

Please come along to meet with members of the Network.
• Hear how the work of the Network is developing and become involved in jobs and projects needing workers!
• View the latest version of the Climate Code Red slide show.
• Learn how to train as a presenter of the slide show and Climate Code Red emergency message.
• Hear how your Climate Action Group can become involved in a project to meet with your Local Community Leaders.
• Hear about plans to meet and discuss the Climate Emergency message with key policy makers and influential members of our society.
(A detailed agenda will be circulated closer to the date)

Feeling creative??? The network is seeking ideas for a logo. We invite everyone to bring along their suggestions on the day. We will decide on a basic concept or logo with the option to pass them onto a graphic designer for development

We would appreciate a donation to contribute to room hire expenses.

We will have a late lunch break about 1.30pm to 2pm. Food is available at the Convent Cafes or BYO.

Getting there... by public transport:
Via Train: Victoria Park on the Epping/Hurstbridge line is the closest railway station. Buses 200, 201, 205 and 207 run along Johnson Street.
Via Bus: Catch the Garden City/Bulleen Bus 203 from the city in Lonsdale St, this will run along Johnson St. Get off at Clarke Street Bus Stop. (Make sure you are going in the Kew Junction direction). Turn left from Clarke Street into St. Heliers and follow the sign to The Collingwood Children’s Farm. The entrance gates of the Convent are on the right before you reach the Farm.
Getting there... by bike or foot: The Capital City cycling and walking path passes the site.
Getting there... by car: Enter Clarke St from Johnson St, then left into St. Heliers Street. All day parking is available on the north side of St Heliers Street and costs $4.00(coins only). There is also 15 minute parking on the street. There is no vehicular access to the Convent site.

To RSVP or for more information contact:


whatacrazyworld said...

I am appauled at how gullable you people are. Have any of you bothered to look at the real science on climate change and not just the hype produced by the main stream media and the corperate and political elite? Have any of you bother to view the petition of 31000 Scientists rebuking carbon dioxide as the main cause of climate change? Do any of you understand the real motives behind global warming?
Let me say that I agree we need to protect the enviroment that is a given, but your energies need to be focused on real issues such as illegal logging for example and not wasting time fighting a proven myth. Please please look at the real science not the science that is funded by vested interests groups or listening to politiciains who also have a lot to gain. We as a community and our childrens communities are going to pay a very hefty price for your misgivings in the form of poverty and a major drops in our standing of living due to a new and very expensive TAX know as a carbon trading. Every being on the planet needs carbon dioxide to survive without it all life will perish. The planet is designed to function with carbon dioxide.
I will give you an example: 1 large Volcano produces 12 times the amount of CO2 in a year than all of the CO2 humans produce in 10years, thats 1 volcano!!! Please wake up I beg you OR we are going to suffer far worse than any change in climate will do.

Do your own research understand and wake up be a leader a sheeple

Ben Courtice said...

I only just noticed this, sorry it took so long to respond...

well obviously we're climate activists here on this website so we are probably all fairly familiar with the climate-denier arguments put here. For those who want to understand in more depth I just read a great article at Monthly Review available at their website. Or alternatively a great debunking of all sorts of climate denial myths is online at this blog and many other sites on the web.

And just for the record, I don't personally support carbon trading -- not only does it make the poor pay for the polluters' cleanup, it won't stop global warming in time either!

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