Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Voices from Bangladesh: Climate Change and Development Speaking Tour

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. A 1m sea level rise is expected to flood 25 - 50% of the country, with much of the south already experiencing water-logging and salinity problems.

Despite this, the Asian Development Bank is considering funding what will be one of the largest coal mines on earth in Northern Bangladesh. Expected to affect nearly half a million people and result in widespread environmental destruction, the Phulbari coal mine has been vigorously opposed by people's groups within Bangladesh and NGOs from around the world.

Professor Anu Muhammad, who teaches economics and has been involved in protests against the Phulbari mine, will be in Melbourne on May 23rd. Join us to hear about the impact of climate change in Bangladesh and their struggles to prevent the ADB funding destructive, climate-intensive development projects.

23rd May, 6.30 pm Northcote High School, St George's Road, Northcote.

More information about the event at the FOE website and Aid Watch (there's a poster on their site too).


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